The Oswald Commission, which was set up by the International Olympic Committee IOC in connection with the doping system described by Prof. McLaren at the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 in Russia, is part of the result management against the individual athletes, presented on Friday evening their investigation results to he two country Alexander Legkov and Evgeniyi Belov to WIESCHEMANN | Lawyers and scheduled the hearing for the end of October.

The IOC was last repeatedly criticised because it had not yet completed the investigation 15 months after the McLaren report I was submitted and the start of the competitions in the winter season is upcoming. The reason of the delay is WIESCHEMANNN | Lawyers not known. We would also have appreciated to have had a previous completion.

However, we believe that Thomas Bach the IOC path, not to decide without a secure factual basis on possible sanctions against Russia and a possible exclusion from the Olympic Winter Games 2018 in Pyeongchang is right. We also expressly welcome the diligence of the disciplinary commission led by Dennis Oswald in the search for evidence of the guilt or innocence of individual athletes. The fact that the Oswald Commission has complied with its commitment to hold the hearing before the expiry of the provisional suspension at the 31.10.2017 is an expression of fairness to the athletes involved and to the FIS.

In the matter itself, the results of the investigation did not surprise the defence. The results do not go beyond the facts on which the Court of Arbitration for Sport CAS/TAS has already based its judgment on the 29.5.2017. The evidence is not sufficient to prove that Alexander LEGKOV and Evegniyi BELOV have known or even involved in the exchange of their Beregkit sample bottles.

The two procedures will be the first to be dealt with by the Oswald Commission. Despite the individuality of each case and each individual athlete, the procedures will have exemplary effect.

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