Wieschemann Laywers – sports law and commercial law in Bochum

We are experienced lawyers and represent the interests of our clients

The interests of our clients and not ours. We have also the courage to grant counsel our clients desire not meeting, but their interest. Sometimes the best way to lead, is an argument, even if that takes our money. If we adopt a mandate, then with conviction and passion.

We think, it is our task, to explore the real interests of our clients. This alone requires not only legal but also social . What you are looking for is not only legal expertise alone, but our expertise to solve their problem. Jura or “Jus”, law, knowledge of the law and of the rights is not an end in itself, but only the instrument of the design of course, but. That’s what drives us to the joy of shaping of relationships and the reality of life.

With this aim we operate, with highly specialized expertise in sports law and in all areas of business law for people as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany and Europe but also in the entire spectrum of the legal profession, of the General civil law on tenancy law, traffic law, working right up to the criminal law.

We keep very aware this general perspective to ensure comprehensive care and for our clients if necessary. to perceive our gatekeeper function in relation to our – also international – network of specialists. We are active but also in areas where we have shown our specialized expertise in long-term activity, participation in “leading cases”, in lectures, teaching and use in arbitration.

Who we are

Lawyer Wieschemann advises individuals, freelancers, as well as small and medium-sized companies in all over Germany in all aspects of business law, in cooperation with other companies, restructuring, crisis intervention, and on issues of competition law and the intellectual property law. The tax law was already the main subject of his university education…


Based in Bochum in North Rhine Westfalia in Germany, Wieschemann Laywers advises you to the different kinds of questions of start up consulting, sports law, business law up to construction law

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Your direct contact to Wieschemann Laywers. If you need  to get in contact with, please feel free to give us a direct call or a message by mail, contact form and online.