Attorney Christof Wieschemann was regarding the licensing procedure of the Red Bull Leipzig as a sports law expert interviewed by the newspaper IMAGE.

The report by the 24.04.2014:

Late Tuesday afternoon, the DFL release on licensing reached the RB Office under conditions.

Since then, hustle and bustle there is there and in radio communications with the headquarters in Salzburg.

“I can well imagine, that at RB now a lot on the move is”, says the Bochum sports law expert Christof Wieschemann (51). “The Club must meet conditions until 28 May. Thus the license for the new season is in fact still not granted!”

Clear: The DFL runs up to the sanctioned recording with songs (800 euros annual fee).

Wieschemann, the judge in the Court of arbitration of the handball – Bundesliga (HBL) and football has helped in the creation of license documents: “membership in a non-profit association, which wants to be RB, must be possible for a representative cross-section of the population. This is not possible at 800 euros. year contribution”

However it also says: “there is neither the DFB is still the DFL statutes a provision governing that.” In this respect you can call a court.”

Question is: how far is RB the League Association. And the DFL legal advisers are as willing to compromise? Wieschemann: “have clear guidelines that solidify at posturing in humility.” However, the League also knows that a legal battle stands on feet of clay.

Leaked: until Monday, RB wants to decide whether it will be appealing against the conditions.

Stefan Krause


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