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» What’s the point?
Neymar Eren Derdiyok wants to legally obtain his training participation in the Bundesliga squad. We talked sports lawyer Christof Wieschemann workers rights in football and the ominous training group II.

Christof Wieschemann, Neymar Eren Derdiyok tries to sue for his participation in the Bundesliga TSG training this afternoon. How do you appreciate the situation as an expert in sports law?
It is difficult to assess, the details are so hidden an outsider. Eternal years ago, we had such a situation (1999/2000 season, d. ed.) at VfL Bochum with the former Strümer Achim Weber. He had submitted a request for injunction as Eren Derdiyok – and won.

Hoffenheim looks forward to however approved Derdioyks suit.
«Particular in Hoffenheim: it is not a» classic «banishment to the amateurs, as it so often happens in the German leagues, but to the creation of a second training group. The striking difference in the quality of the squad, who coached there. There are among other former internationals (Edson Braafheid, Tim Wiese, Tobias Weis, Eren Derdyiok, d. ed.) here. In addition, you can determine almost identical conditions as in the Bundesliga squad in the coaching staff and to the supply of this team. «When I heard this, my first thought was:» someone who himself has made good thoughts, how to deal with this sensitive issue.»

» We have created responsible best conditions «, says TSG sports Chief Alexander Rosen. Cope?
What the employer not to do, is without a substantive reason repressively on the player. Should say that Dalton, the tables may be turning. When it comes but only to the quality of training, I see that for Hoffenheim quite positive.

The prescribed according to agreement» proper training operation “seems to be so assured. Eren Derdiyok and his advisers say the opposite.
Regardless of the specific design of the employment contract, you must see what are the obligations of the Contracting Parties. The best example: A player leads a lifestyle that is contrary to his sporting performance. He gets so a warning and penalties. Because the clubs right to require that the player is always at the height of its power.

What can expect the players in turn by the Club?
The Club must give everything so that the player can receive his technical skills. And you grant with a qualified training operation. While this is difficult to assess from a distance, but purely by the feeling, the training conditions in Hoffenheim are well organized.

Derdiyok action has consequently so low chances of success?
There is no klagbaren right of the player squad affiliation, or even mission time. Under the premise of a qualified athletic training operation, by which I in the case of Neymar, one has to ask: what’s the point?

What do you suspect?
There’s very likely comes to save face.

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