The IMAGE spoke to Attorney Wieschemann with the club logo of RB Leipzig. By the 25.04.2014:

RB Leipzig exceed up because his club logos in the Premier League?

According to a report of the “kicker”, one is of three DFL conditions (in addition to Member admission and the allegedly continued control of “50 + 1”) for the license grant: the Club Crest has to be changed!

Because the current with two Red Bulls from a yellow Sun too much Red Bull sponsor is similar. Could we designate as a quibble….

Here, the cops need even no Club logo. “A coat of arms is not mandatory,” says sports law expert Christof Wieschemann (51). The lawyer has supported in the past second division club licensing. “Although the emblem is important for the outer appearance. “But it is not a mandatory requirement.”

Therefore waive the cops to your logo?

Has already works in any case. In the Oberliga (2009/10) and the first Regionalliga season (2010/11), RB dribble without coat of arms on. Because the cops in the negotiations about the appearance of the emblem with Saxon Football Association (SFA) and DFB had to rework again. 2011, the DFB finally approved the current version.

Wieschemann: “If the DFB has approved it, Leipzig also on” Grandfathering “could sue.” And right would probably get in any court…

S. Krause and C. Kynast


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