Lawyer Wieschemann over the charitable status of the Club RB Leipzig in a newspaper report of the IMAGE.

After the 1st FC locomotive now also the cops! Second Division side RB Leipzig wants to outsource a large part of his teams in a corporation.

The Club has sent invitations to its associate members. You must in the decision although no voting rights, but invited according to the articles of Association. The meeting will take place on December 2.

The most important item on the agenda: the carve-out of the 1st team, the U23 and the teams of the U19 to the U15.

But what is the spin-off of the bulls?

Especially professional structures! Almost all professional clubs have now established corporations. The advantage: the entire risk lies with the GmbH. The Executive Board of an association shall be liable under certain circumstances with his personal fortune.

Very important but also: The Club retain its non-profit status! And that is the basis for the existence of the Club. Sports lawyer Christoph Wieschemann (Bochum): “produced a club profits, that affects the very purpose of an association. RB could lose his livelihood.”

Clear as well: The GmbH RB should also the 50 + 1-comply with regulation of the DFL. Means that more than 50 percent by the Association, so the twelve members are determined. Since funding members have no voting rights, a clear matter…

Stefan Krause


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