Die WELT talked to lawyer Wieschemann about the finances of the HSV. By the 21.6.2015:

Plus, the proponents of that time are no longer in a boat over a year after the successful initiative HSV. Especially between Ernst-Otto Rieckhoff and bold/Gernandt is creaking.

Karl Gernandt is head of the Supervisory Board at the crisis-ridden Bundesliga Hamburger SV – annual general meeting of the “red shorts” in the West stand was last Sunday, and Gernandt shone, incomprehensible to many until today, by their absence. Apparently, he was on a business trip. There was to work much in the almost relegated of the previous season.

But Gernandt had the Bill without the ex-Supervisory Council boss made Ernst-Otto Rieckhoff. “Nip it in the bud”, warned that after his Board before a large influence from foreign investors. Meant were: the great financier and billionaire Klaus-Michael Kühne and his extended arm of the Association of Karl Gernandt. A year ago, Rahman was still his comrades at the “HSV plus” been referred to spin-off of the professional Department of the Club in a soccer club. The loudest Gernandt had cheered at that time. A skeptical looking Rahim stood next to him. Even if fresh investor money and a slimming down of encrusted Club structures had been the stated goal of the spinoff.

Narcissistic navel-gazing, injured vanities

Only a year later the two respectable gentlemen should be complete cross, vain navel gazing is mentioned, it’s about injured vanities. We thus started Gernandt, now Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the HSV in the run-up to the creation of the AG had operate Dietmar Beiersdorfer’s election campaign as the new Chairman. Rahman, a sometimes stubborn, but integrity Hanseat, this was too indiscreet. So it went for two Alpha animals from the outset to a question of style. Gernandt, partially 100 metres record 10.6 seconds, had been raised, Assistant to the head of the German bank German elite schools in Rio de Janeiro at a young age after his Bundeswehr time once, before he became Plenipotentiary Minister at Kühne + Nagel to other stations finally.

Just the international logistics company, whose boss as a whole has pumped €34,75 million to the heavily indebted club. The break between Gernandt, who can’t shake off the call to link interests and Rahman was final, as Kühne, whose lending had grown until late 2014 to 25 million euros, at once wanted to know nothing about his announced conversion to shares and put the thumb screws at HSV. When he acquired shortly on it then but 7.5 percent for 18.75 million euros, the relief of the HSV responsible was big, not so with Rahman.

His accusation: The sum yielded only a total brand HSV value EUR 250 million. “To speak of a good deal, meets for bold, not for the HSV”, attacked Rahman now. Again and again he indicated also in his fiery, that the occupation of the head of post at the Supervisory Board by the bold Adlatus Gernandt was more than just an extract. The “External influence and to tolerate” would “by the personal dependency reduced”. Finally, external auditors had determined a value of 330 million euro or more.

Rieckhoff also revealed that the former request coach, Thomas Tuchel, in March from Frankfurt to Mallorca, was flown by private plane in bold private domicile. 20,000 euros were paid for this at the expense of Club cash. The 64 further blamed that Gernandt the Club pushed now an insurance agent, belongs to the bold Empire. Gernandt is meanwhile also medial completely submerged. Most recently, he had vehemently gezetert when the Director became professional football Peter Knäbel in March for two games, interim coach of the professional, until finally was installed as the new head coach Bruno Labbadia.

New affliction to Jonathan TahThe new animosities come at the wrong time, because the operational leadership troika Beiersdorfer, Knäbel, and Sports Director Bernhard Peters files meticulously on the future of the Club. On the one hand the HSV must get rid of players with contracts, to the complete player budget of EUR 52 million to reduce at least ten million, commit on the other hand, young, inexpensive players, muster finally a powerful force. “If I get the money for Player salaries through revenue financed, can I pay either no longer or must make loans, said the recently Lawyer for economic and insolvency law, Christof Wieschemann, in relation to the HSV. Or just foreign investors bring with in the boat want to talk then.

Now, additional trouble looms because the 19 year-old HSV player Jonathan Tah (contract until 2019), which was borrowed in the previous year to Fortuna Düsseldorf, is being wooed by Bayer Leverkusen. A total of six million euros upwards the central defender, who is considered new Jerome Boateng, many experts will be away well. Leverkusen buys his best players regularly, with the money of the Bayer-Werke in the back, the HSV away. In the summer of 2013, it had been son Heung-min, a year later Hakan Calhanoglu. Even if the HSV the scourge still has liabilities of EUR 90 million, has collected EUR 42.75 million investor capital, he can compare with it.

Even Mainz 05 or the table fifth of 1 FC Augsburg succeed with a squad, which is cheaper, than that of the Hamburg 20 or around 30 million euros. The SC Freiburg, which with luck descended, ranked just one place behind the HSV, shines for years through sustainable work, especially at youth level, and again raised six of them in the squad. At HSV, 2014 yet the entire Nachwuchsscouting area lay fallow as Beiersdorfer had to concede on the general meeting. He and his men must work hard to make up for the “competitive disadvantage”. Trouble from the outside can’t have it there.

Martin Sonnleitner

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