Lawyer Wieschemann explains the DFL regulations and the licensing procedure of RB Leipzig as a sports law expert for GOAL on the 13.9.2014 more accurately.

RB Leipzig polarizes the masses. The promotion to the second division is very realistic in this year, that is to follow soon in the Bundesliga. While the 50 + 1-rule does not apply, because RB is still a club, can there be different problems. Also on the license.

According to the statutes of the German of Football Association (DFB), but also the German Football League (DFL), a participating play Club or the Corporation must be non-profit. In itself, this is no high hurdle, meets this criterion for his youth work so often a football club. “Clubs must serve the public so”, explains Sports law experts Christof Wieschemann towards goal, “and the minimum that they serve the general public, is that they are also public accessible.”

At the Leipzig, the rumored eight or nine members of the Association are a first indication that the Club acting here improperly. RB Leipzig his recording rules designed namely by a relevant statute or admission fees so high that it is no longer accessible to the general public, “they risk their charitable status may be”.

Charitable status is evaluated each year by the competent tax office. They lose them the consequences could be drastic: “Then they lose their participation right automatically in competitions of DFB and DFL” white Wieschemann.

High entry barriers at RB?

The Bundesfinanzhof ruled years ago already that “Obligations for the payment of current contributions, recording contributions and levies, the amount of which a representation of the general public in the Member no longer guaranteed” for charitable status are “harmful”. In other words, the hurdles may not exclude the general public.

The decision falls but all alone of the legislature. Sports lawyer Heiner Kahlert stresses ‘In the licensing regulations and the Statute of the League Association, no provision prohibiting the present structure of RB Leipzig’, in conversation with goal.

The shower manufacturer and its clubs in Leipzig and Salzburg could make in a few years but UEFA problems. Hardly anyone wants to deny that at two clubs, Red Bull heavily engaged. However, it is forbidden that an investor or a person influences leading two clubs that are represented in European competitions. “As I stand today, but little doubt that it is so”, also Kahlert confirmed problem involvement, especially in the person of the common Sports Director Ralf Rangnick and financial dependence on the Group Red Bull.

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