Lawyer Wieschemann represents the subject organization and law in German football in a dossier for the Federal Agency for civic education.

The League is organized by the German Football Association and the German Fußball-Bundesliga. On what legal basis is the Bundesliga game operation? Who is entitled to the jurisprudence? What collisions moving violations or riots after himself and who is responsible?

The German Bundesliga has a 50-year history. Even their sportive attractiveness, their success, their economic stability, is partly owe even of their organization and the League – football association and the German Football Association e. V. created conditions. However the competition, its athletes and its participants are subject to, as well as his media and economic recovery, not only the self-created law of associations. These products are also a variety of legal norms of the State legislature. They come from different areas of law that conflict to the part with the right of Association.

All the rules and norms, the “sports law”, faces the task to capture the collisions and interactions of the various levels in this special system of standards and to harmonize [1] as free of conflict as possible for the application. The article deals not only with the representation of the organizational and legal framework conditions in the Bundesliga. It also deals with the variety of problems resulting from the collision of association law, general law, different interests and protected legal interests.

The whole dossier can be found here:

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