Attorney Christof Wieschemann has for that IS University of applied science published in March 2016 a textbook on domestic and international transfer law. Major League Soccer was the chapter of Ingo Blinn, Lawyer, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, United States supports.

Here the table of contents:

  1. International transfer law – introduction & history
  2. DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER LAWThe legal sources of transfer law

2.1 definition of transfer

2.2. the applicable law
2.2.1 labour law

2.2.2 General civil law

2.2.3 association law

2.2.4 constitutional law and European contracts

2.3 the ratio of legal systems to each other

2.3.1 standards pyramid

2.3.2 Association autonomy

2.3.3 conclusion

  1. Jurisdiction in sport

3.1 State jurisdiction

3.2 international arbitration

3.3. admissibility of arbitration – the independence of arbitrators

3.4. jurisdiction of FIFA

  1. Expiry of the transfer

4.1 regulations for the status and transfer of players of the FIFA

4.2. registration

4.3. player eligibility

4.4 changing periods

4.5 Sports Fitness, residence permit

4.6 necessary agreements

4.7. consequences of default

  1. The maintenance of contractual stability

5.1 importance of protection time

5.2 assessment of compensation

5.3 registration for a new Club in the ways of provisional legal protection for breach of contract

5.3.1 national legislation

5.3.2 international regime

  1. Protection of minors

6.1. international protection of minors

6.2 national protection of minors

6.3 protection of minors in basketball

  1. Training compensation and solidarity contribution

7.1 training compensation international

            7.1.1 interests

7.1.2 control FIFA

7.1.3 case-law of the European Court of Justice and the COURT of Bremen

7.2 national training compensation

7.3 solidarity mechanism

  1. Single issues

8.1 limitation of employment contracts

8.2 extension options

8.3 early termination

  1. Special features in Turkey

9.1 Introduction

9.2 contract law

9.3. the regulations for the status and transfer of professional footballers

9.4 foreign players

9.5 the transfer of amateur players

9.6 Chamber for the settlement of disputes / Uyusmazlik cözum kurulu (UCK)

  1. Special features in the major League Soccer United States

10.1 Introduction

10.2 organizational structure of the League

10.3 regulations

10.3.1 squad size

10.3.2 foreign players

10.3.4 local players

10.3.5 salary cap

10.3.6 designated player

10.4 obligations of a player

10.5 work contract

        10.6 right to a consultant

  1. Learning control questions and answers
  2. Bibliography

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