Lawyer Wieschemann gave a newspaper interview about the chaotic annual general meeting of the VfL Bochum, which had the resignation of Supervisory Board Chairman Werner Altegoer result of WAZ.

The interview of the 05.10.2010:

Attorney Christof Wieschemann is a member of the Schiedsgrichtes of the VfL and led on Monday by the legal part of the Bochum AGM. In the interview, the lawyer’s resignation talks by Werner Altegoer.

Mr Wieschemann, is not relieved Supervisory Board’s resignation actually legally kosher?

Wieschemann: Yes, definitely. In contrast to the Executive Board, a Supervisory Board may withdraw at any time. Even if the Supervisory Board is not relieved, he can make this step if, for example, the trust lacks.

After that evening, can no longer speak of trust.

Wieschemann: The members of the VfL Bochum wanted what Yes at this annual general meeting actually completely different. The Board of directors should be punished, that but so, reacted with resignation, no one could have foreseen.

The resignation of Werner Altegoer and his confidants was very emotional and spontaneous. Have you considered such a decision into consideration at all? 

Wieschemann: It was a spontaneous reaction, which was not agreed to. Not with me and not with the other members of the Supervisory Board. Only Horst Christopeit, Volker Goldmann and Heinz Hossiep, for which he has also spoken, were inaugurated.

How do you rate the withdrawal of old Egoers?

Wieschemann: Personally I regret his decision greatly. It is a heavy loss for the Club. I have after the annual general meeting, how many members have come forward to the podium to speak to Werner Altegoer and to convince him, that even to consider.

Were you expecting such an explosive atmosphere?

Wieschemann: We have expected criticism, but the Club has also opened in the past few weeks. We wanted to for example like to discuss the Charter discussions with members and held in the run-up to many talks, inter alia with the initiators of ‘We are VfL’. We want to also now like to continue these discussions.

As happens now for VfL Bochum?

Wieschemann: Fans, sponsors, press, players and the entire Club must now come together and overcome the great divide that exists. I think and you noticed that yesterday, the willingness exists at all parties. Among other things, the redesign of the statute can be a chance to restore a unit. I very much regret that after the event on Monday this positive process in the past months now has been canceled.

But what happens on the level of management of the Club?

Wieschemann: It depends on how and when the club itself. On the Club’s website, it was just to read that Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board want to sleep one night about what happened.

And legally?

Wieschemann: There must be a re-election of the departing members of the Supervisory Board. Then one takes over the Presidency from among their members. Ultimately, it will be a special election like when Frank Goosen.

What you mean, there’s a back for Werner Altegor?

Wieschemann: No, I don’t think. I guess Mr Altegoer especially for his straightforward manner and I think that that is an attribute, what speaks against it.

David Nienhaus


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