RP Online reports to the 22.2.2005 about reactions from the Bundesliga to the critique by lawyer Wieschemann:Eintracht Frankfurt want clarity in the case of the financially stricken German Club Borussia Dortmund. The second division side had benefited as antepenultimate of the season 2003/04 by a possible withdrawal of the license of the BVB and would have remained in the Bundesliga. “Eintracht Frankfurt will ask the DFL”, said Frankfurt Chairman Heribert Bruchhagen the sports information service. The Board of Directors of harmony has consulted on Tuesday with lawyer Christoph Schickhardt about further steps.

Most recently, there had been criticism of the licensing by the DFL in the BVB for the current season. Bruchhagen reiterated that the approach of Eintracht will not start against Dortmund.Violation of obligation to provide of information?

The Bochum Lawyer Christof Wieschemann had dealt with the licensing of Dortmund and had come to the conclusion that “that let a loss and realize a liquidity gap at a large scale of numbers made itself known at Borussia Dortmund where it is hard to imagine that their admission at the time of the licensing process was not recognizable in the previous year when careful examination. Critical observers cannot exclude a violation of the obligations of the BVB or the auditing requirements of DFL as the Foundation of license decision thus.”

Opinion of the Advocate General, this conclusion would allow a claim for damages of the Dortmund League rivals. “Both circumstances would lead to a liability for damages either of the BVB or of the League Association / the DFL over the affected candidates, including the Eintracht Frankfurt,” and told Wieschemann. League Chief Werner Hackmann had recently stressed that have the BVB deceived the League, nor the DFL made mistakes when licensing.

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